Who We Are

Allaso Performance Solutions began over 20 years ago in the heart of its owner, Regina Stevenson, with the simple idea that PEOPLE MATTER.  This idea began to blossom as she worked with companies and organizations developing and coordinating training programs to improve the performance of employees in the workplace.  She believes that each person has a unique purpose, passion, and gifting in life; and through the right experiences, each person could achieve their own full personal potential.  However, she saw that life shapes each person differently from parental or employer expectations to the process of growing and experiencing life.  And somehow, many aspects of life are out of alignment – education, life decisions, economic drivers, relationships, etc – because as people we forget that everyone brings a gift to share with the world; and that gift (desire or need to achieve their full capability) and the person sharing that gift should be valued.

Allaso Performance Solutions, Inc believes in bringing balance and reconciliation within businesses/organizations and people; and moving them toward long-term effectiveness, sustainability, and transformation.

Our goal is for organizations and people to be in harmony with itself/oneself by focusing on solving internal, root challenges and putting into practice wholistic solutions over time.  The heart of any organization is its CULTURE. The heart of people is in what they VALUE and personal character.  We connect the dots for you.

About the Owner

Pic of Owner

Regina is the wife of Terrance L. Stevenson and the mother of Olivia, Annah, and Thaddaeus.  She has over 20 years of experience in Business, HR, Organizational Development, and Training & Professional Development.  She has worked for both public and private companies developing and honing her expertise, skills, and abilities.  It has been her combined educational achievement (B.S., M.B.A., Ed.M.), work experiences, and career endeavors that she launched Allaso Performance Solutions, Inc in 2017.