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EIN: 82-0710499
DUNS: 080658523
CAGE Code: 7V1P5


Business Management
Strategic Human Resources
Organizational Change and Development
Strategic Planning
Small Business and Entrepreneur Advocacy
Career Development and Coaching
Professional Development and Training


We focus our solutions to get the change you want.  We accomplish your goals by facilitating an organizational assessment to measure organizational health and agility.  The organizational assessment summary is re-packaged as a business case and analyzed by our advisory board to identify your primary challenges from a business, organizational and human resource perspective. Finally, specialists in People and Culture work together to ensure we have captured the appropriate information to formulate the best solutions.

Business owners and organizational leaders choose between two models of engagement.

  1. Collaborative: we come alongside business owners and leaders to walk them through implementing the recommended change and provide services to remain on retainer up to a year or more for follow-up.
  2. Guided: we seek permission from the C-Suite to troubleshoot and fix the change required.


541611 – Administrative Management & General Management Consulting
541612 – Human Resource Management
541613 – Marketing Consulting Services
541614 – Process, Physical Distribution, and Logistics Consulting
541618 – Other Management Consulting Services
561110 – Office Administrative Services
611430 – Professional and Management Development Training
611710 – Educational Support Services
812990 – All Other Personal Services

Product and Service Codes

R431 – Professional: Human Resources
R497 – Support: Professional Services Contracts
R499 – Support: Professional Other
R699 – Support-Administrative: Other
R799 – Support-Management: Other
U004 – Education/Training: Scientific and Management
U008 – Education/Training: Training and Curriculum Development
U099 – Education/Training: General

State of Illinois NIGP Codes

20866 – Professional: Training
91800 – Consulting Services
91806 – Administrative Consulting
91821 – Business Consulting
91838 – Education and Training
91840 – Employee Benefits Consulting
91865 – HR, Human Relations Consulting
91875 – Management Consulting
91879 – Minority & Small Business
91883 – Organizational Development
95268 – Personal Services
95800 – Management Services
95816 – Business Management Services
95868 – Support Services, Management
95870 – Outsourcing Services for Management, Operations
95874 – Personnel Management Services
96205 – Amusement and Entertainment Services, including Performing Arts and DJ Services
96260 – Party, Holiday, and Event Decorating and Planning Services