HR for Non-Profit Series

Training for Non-Profit Executives and Leaders on how to strategically leverage their people and resources to optimize organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Integrating HR in Your Strategic Planning

Planning your mission-driven strategy is built on the foundation of obtaining the best talent into the organization. The people who invest their talents for overall success work for non-profits because they believe in the mission and goals of the non-profit. This workshop will give you tools to strategically drive your workforce planning and organizational culture from transactional to transformational and use business tools like process improvement and HR metrics to make decisions.

HR Employment Practices for Non-Profits

Non-Profits must recruit and retain a workforce who believe in their core mission. Non-Profits also compete with profit-based companies for the same talent to execute their strategy and goals. This workshop will help you understand and plan your talent strategy, walk-through the different types of employees non-profits recruit and retain, determine compensation and benefit strategies, and when to hire Independent Contractors.

Mitigating Risk through HR Compliance

This workshop will focus on federal and state laws and guidelines regarding payroll, equal employment opportunity, discrimination, harassment, and other professional guidelines in the workplace.

Evaluating Your Strategy through Organizational Effectiveness & Performance

Transforming your organization for success is derived from how well the organization meets its mission and goals. From people to processes, this workshop will provide tools to evaluate the effectiveness of your organization by reviewing a combination of your culture, people, and strategic goals.